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Student Life

Our Clubs

Cultural Club

The culture of India refers to the way the people in India live. India is the country having many languages, religions, dance, music, architecture, food, and customs which differs from place to place within the country. The cultural club at PIS – Keesara, the Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad, is to make everyone remind and learn about our culture, beliefs and many. Here the students of this club learn music, dance, and other activities.

Dramatic Club

This club, which explores the acting skills of children, provides the required guidance and support to the students. It provides learning and teaching opportunities to both our students and teachers. The club emphasizes on the idea “never give up”. It provides stage opportunities for every student of the club. It is ensured that every student is given that opportunity.

G K Club

“General knowledge can be defined gaining the knowledge about any particular topic”

More knowledge makes a person more competent in the tasks of life and also smarter. Psychologists have discovered that knowing more makes a person learn new things and think critically. Wide reading and general knowledge are crucial to competence and the main objective of the G.K club is to make students more competent, which in turn creates a more than just society. This club makes the students improve their level of creativity and innovation, bringing about the expression of opinions and better decision-making in life. The GK club at Pallavi – Keesara, the Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad, includes Current affairs, Fashion, Family, Physical health and recreation, Arts, Science. G.K Club, therefore looks forward to creating interest for knowledge among students, by conducting quizzes that provide fun, promote knowledge at the same time, increase information, making us feel that we don’t spend time for anything, on the contrary, it evokes our emotions for more and more of spending valuable time on internet to learn, discover and communicate with others.


INTACH is abbreviated as Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage. With the inspiration of this club which is a national wide, Pallavi International School – Keesara, the Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad, going to establish this club at the school level to join hands in saving our culture. Though we don’t contribute any nationwide participation, we want to initiate the spreading awareness among students about the value of our culture and our glorious past. We make the students gather information, make discussions on historic places in India.

Knowledge Club

“Knowledge is power “goes the old German adage. Getting correct information, knowing correct answers for every question and having a good knowledge of the world we live in are some of the aims of the club. Knowledge club will always help the students to find the answers for most of the questions and make them understand the world in a better way.

Literacy Club

The literacy club aims to make students improve their literacy skills and also develop their logic and curiosity. To help them know more and to instill in them the confidence to speak well. This club helps them to deepen their power to think and broaden their vocabulary at the same time and exposes them to a set of audience necessary for the growth of confidence in them. The literary club aims to develop analytic thinking, creative thinking, and effective communication in students. The club enables the children to overcome their stage-fear and develops confidence among themselves. Students are free to express their views in a group promoting the value of group discussion. The literary club at Pallavi Schools believes in bringing out the best of speaking skills in every individual student. The club makes the students participate in various activities like debate, word building, group discussion, etc. The fear of speaking, lack of confidence and the pronunciation of language in each individual is worked out and made its members strong in believing themselves as good communicators for today’s world. As language is a never-ending process, we believe in updating and encouraging.

Interact Club

Interact Club aims to make students to develop life skills and also to develop a successful relationship with all people in society. We understand and care about other people’s needs. The students of the club learn various life skills like empathy, interpersonal, effective communications.


PEAS Stands for ‘Environmental Awareness in School’. Our motto is to follow the 3 R’s- Reduce, Reduce and Recycle. All the PEAS Club members have contributed to a great extent in protecting the environment in their simple ways. The main objective of the PEAS club is to improve scientific thinking and promoting environmental awareness among students. The club actively involves in protecting the environment.

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