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Chairman of Pallavi Schools


of Pallavi Schools

In the world, nothing is permanent but change. The truly learned one updates himself to accommodate the change. At Pallavi, we were determined to build an education system that is ready to adopt new technology, thus ensuring the young people are fully-equipped for the future.

Pallavi Model School, since its inception in 1994, has always strived in imparting quality education to young children entering its portals. Accepting the challenges and working tirelessly towards the goal has been the motto of Pallavi Model School. With the same spirit we started with our new campus at KEESARA we redefined curriculum…We are sure that Pallavi Model School will continue to work with the same spirit and gusto to leap towards a better and brighter future.

Mr. M. Komaraiah

Treasurer of Pallavi Schools


of Pallavi Schools

“All Knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind and the infinite library of the universe is in your mind.”

– Swami Vivekananda.”

Very true. We, at Pallavi, believe that every student that comes in has immense potential.

We believe teaching is a noble profession and we are on the mission of nurturing tender minds with novel and innovative ideas, thus achieving the desired success.


Director of Pallavi Group of Schools


of Pallavi group of schools

An Ivy League university intern from University of Pennsylvania, USA; a graduate from University of the Sciences, Philadelphia which is one of the oldest institutions of its kind in America and a Scientific informatics developer at one of the World’s most reputed pediatric hospitals, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital & Medical Research center, Cincinnati, USA, Mr. Sushil, has always been a passionate educationist. After gaining sufficient experience in international teaching methodologies, he chose to enter the field of Education with a mission to make Pallavi International School – Keesara, a school of repute through his vision of imparting knowledge through technology. Along with the nation’s best academicians and edupreneurs, Mr. Sushil is keen to introduce path-breaking concepts like learner-centric education, research-based curriculum, practical application of the knowledge assimilated on a par with the international standards and processes.

Mr. A. Sushil Kumar

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